Judge Juliette

Illustrated by Mari Lobo
Published by Sterling

Court is in session, with Judge Juliette presiding! Ever since preschool, Juliette’s favorite game has been settling cases. This young girl, with a firm sense of fairness, adjudicates all kinds of neighborhood disputes right in her own backyard—from determining a fair bedtime to figuring out where to locate competing lemonade stands. But now she’s faced with the toughest decision of all: her parents have finally agreed to let her have a pet . . . and they’ve come to court to argue over whether to get a cat (dad’s request) or a dog (mom’s preference). What will Judge Juliette do?

Backmatter includes a glossary of legal terms used in the book.

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This story of a young girl with a dream is a refreshing addition to career shelves. –School Library Journal